Nail Services


Treat Your Nails To An Essential Pick Me Up.

No, we’re not like other places. One of the reasons why? Our amazing and talented staff. Do you ever feel like when you go to a discount nail place you get a friendly tech who is inexperienced, but when you go to an expensive spa you get a cold sterile atmosphere with a robot tech? We get it. At Reflections Salon and Spa you’ll find our tech to be experienced, friendly, fun, highly skilled, CND certified, and ready to make you feel relaxed and cared for. When it comes to your nails we look at quality not the clock. We are here to provide you with amazing nails and we only use the highest quality polishes (CND Vinlylux, CND Shellac Luxe, CND Shellac, CND Plexigel) to give your nails the perfect finish every time.

Manicure Services

Shellac Manicure $40

Experience resilient color and flawless nails. This service includes grooming of the nails and shellac polish of your choice. Shellac goes on like polish, wears like gel and removes in minutes. Smudge and chip-free for up to 2 weeks!

Signature Spa Manicure $35

Begin this luxurious experience with grooming of the nails followed by a hydrating hand massage and softening paraffin treatment.

Kiddie-Cure(Under 10) $15

This manicure includes grooming of the nails, moisturizing hand massage, followed by polish of your choice.

Pedicure Services

Signature Spa Pedicure $60
Begin this luxurious experience with grooming of the nails and cuticle maintenance, followed by the exfoliation and removal of dry skin and calluses. Indulge in deep hydration with the application of a moisturizing masque OR a softening paraffin treatment. Enjoy a relaxing leg and foot massage that dissolves away tension followed by polishing of the toes.
**Recommended for dry and rough feet** (90 min.)

Jelly Pedicure $50

A jelly pedicure creates a truly luxurious pedicure experience by transforming the warm water into a soft, translucent, fluffy jelly that will melt all of your daily stress away. The mixture is made of natural plant oils that, when added to water, create a smooth gelatinous mixture that will send a thousand sensations of luxury through your toes & soles. The essential oils, aloe vera, and light fragrance will melt the stress and anxiety away while removing toxins and stimulating blood circulation to relax your muscles.

Essential Pedicure $45
Begin this classic treatment with grooming of the nails and cuticle maintenance, followed by the exfoliation and removal of dry skin. Enjoy a moisturizing leg and foot
massage, followed by polishing of the toes. (60 min.)

Twinkle Toes Pedicure (Under 10) $25
This pampering pedicure includes a foot soak, grooming of the nails, cuticle maintenance and moisturizing foot and leg massage. Your choice of polish completes this pedicure.
(40 min.)

Add On Services

Polish Change Only $15
Shellac Removal Only $15
Paraffin Treatment $15