Nail Services

Hands + Feet
Get rid of the signs of overworked hands & feet

The Manly-cure $25
This ‘macho man’-icure starts with shaping of the nails, a cuticle treatment and
nail buffing that gives the hands a healthy look and feel. Then a warm paraffin
treatment is performed to soothe tired hands while softening calluses and a hand
and arm massage to recharge tired and achy hands. (45 Minutes)

Nail Detail (trimming and shaping only) $10

The ‘Sole” Man Pedicure $55
This foot treatment for the fellas includes soaking in a warm beer bath to soften
calluses and exfoliate skin, shaping of the nails and cuticle treatment. The feet are
then exfoliated with a foot scrub, leaving skin soft and smooth, followed by a
moisturizing massage of the feet and legs. (60 Minutes)